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V and V Loft of Winnipeg

In this auction you will find youngsters down from the 1st Place Winners and Ace Pigeons as well as a few select Gaby Vandenabeeles. These are being offered as every season we receive orders for young birds off of the Aces and select pairs, usually requesting a specific colour or sex off the particular pairs. We only breed a few rounds and we keep the first two rounds first for ourselves. If particular requested youngsters come off the pairs and aren’t the right sex or colour we then offer them in the fall auctions. The birds in these auctions are the result. We will not breed more than 4 rounds, as you can attest it is too much work in a season to do so. The result of only breeding for 4 rounds are healthy youngsters and healthy stockbirds


The late Omer Van Walleghem, his son Ken Van Walleghem and Bill Voulgaris have been racing in partnership for the last 20+ yrs and fly under the loft name of V and V Loft.

The loft mainly consists of a line bred family of reds that have been cultivated since the 30's and 40's, flying over the tough Eastern Course covering the wilds of Northern Ontario into Winnipeg which is a predominantly a head wind course. This family has only introduced a couple of crosses over the years, mainly the Imbrechts and Devriendts. They are known for their long distance capabilities and stamina but we use them for all the races and have them winning short, middle and long.

The Imbrechts that were used were brought in from the late Admiral Blackie Weinel of California. They were integrated into the family in the early 80’s. The Van Walleghems have won all over North America in the largest combines. In 2006 they won 3 of the major races in the USA. In the San Diego Combine they won in back to races (see attached) the 500 for Ken Wetzel (sire a Van Walleghem) and the 560 for John LaMantia of Hillhaven Loft (again the sire was a Van Walleghem) and over on the East Coast they had a hand in producing the 600 mile winner for Peter Karapiperis (Flying K Loft) see Racing Pigeon Digest March 15th issue 2008 (attached) two of the grandparents were Van Walleghems. In 2013 Demoyne Oliver flying in the tough Utah combine won the 600 by over ½ hour, with hen bred from the birds we sent him 3 yrs prior. He has won races with full direct children off of those birds.

The loft consists of the main lines of Old Reds, Imbrechts and Devriendts kept straight, line and inbred and then intertwined, We also fly some Bandits, Houbens, Gaby’s and a couple pairs of Jos Thones just acquired in late 2011 to try.

The main family has also been used to cross onto other strains like the Bandits to produce a 1st Overall Ace Pigeon in the prestigious Racing Pigeon Digest North American Ace Bird Awards in 2007 and more recently several Ace pigeons and winners, including 1st 400 2013, 1st Overall Distance 2013 in the Winnipeg Club. The 1st Overall Distance Award 150-300 bird category in the 2012 Choice Pigeon Young Bird Ace Awards was a product of the 3 main lines of Old Red, Devriendt and Imbrecht combined.





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