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Jeff DeVries

'I love the art and sport of pigeon breeding and racing. Every single day I look forward to visiting my lofts whether it be the middle of breeding season, the morning of a race when the clock gets connected or on a day like today when it was damp and miserably cold. Being close to the birds feeds something deep within me that I can't fully explain. Perhaps, I was born to live this lifestyle. I come by it honestly enough, being the son of a principled Frisian with an uncle in the fancy and an Irish-German who's uncle was Hamilton area flyer Tommy Long.

Now, there are two things that I have adopted as my mantra when it comes to how I look at the pigeon sport from a strictly competitive, albeit nurturing, perspective. The first is that pigeon racing is not a pursuit for the faint of heart. This is something that I remind myself of constantly. Secondly, I reinforce the mindset that there are to be no favourites in the loft and especially not in the sky. That said, I must be perfectly honest with you when I tell you that making the decision to put up for auction certain pigeons in this collection was a true test of my resolve. I am able to consol myself with the knowledge that I have filled my perches with some exceptional specimens bred out of the very pigeons that I offer to you in this sale.

Regarding my pigeon keeping practices I rarely medicate and almost never dose breeding stock with anything stronger than probiotics and apple cider vinegar. The pigeons offered in this auction are naturally healthy and came through a successful moult this fall. Birds that fail to do so are not included in the next year's breeding program.

I have primarily focused on acquiring pigeons with exceptional one loft racing pedigrees.

All of the pigeons offered in this auction were purchased by me since 2011. I have become a student of reading pedigrees and studying bloodlines and I always look for a good deal. I offer to you the fruits of my labour. Please email me at jtdevries@live.com if you have any questions.





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