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MADMAN PIGEONS The loft of Scott Maddock Since 2008 I have strived to have the best collection of pigeons I could get my hands on. At one time I had the biggest collection of Ganus bred birds in Canada. I still have the biggest and best collection of direct Spierings pigeons in North America. I have 3 full brothers of Ganus' Golden Bull. Ganus says one of his top 5 breeders ever. Hok Reynen of Holland has another full brother (White Creator) that has bred 2 national winners of 8,000+ birds a top 50 bird in South Africa and a one loft winner in Taiwan. My Rameses is a full brother to 02 ACE YB of Holland, Kanjer, mother of the Golden Bull (Amazing Gold). Mother of 2004 ACE YB of Holland (Diamond Maker) and mother of my Northern Lemans (Silver Dollar). My Northern Lemans might be one of the best breeders in North America. He has bred Empire Classic one loft winner, Empire Classic overall speed ACE YB of the North Combine, 4th Oshawa Gold band race, 7th in Edmonton Classic one loft race and is Grandfather to the ACE YB of Canada 9th 350 and second Average Speed in the $100,000.00 America's Challenge and top 10 finish in the Canadian Classic one loft race. Really a great family. At one time I housed birds that bred 3 ace YB of Canada and runner up in2011. Lady President bred the 1st and 5th YB in 2008. OZZY'S INSTRUCTOR bred the ACE YB of Canada in 2009 and runner up in 2011 to my 3rd breeder a daughter of my Northern Lemans. My second family is that of Huub Hermans of Holland. Huub has been a top flyer for many years. His main pair produced Natasha 1st ACE middle distance Holland and Olympic pigeon, Magic Star, 7 times 1st, Angelo 5 and 7 ace sprint pigeon of Holland. A guy in California had a full brother that bred him a Triple Crown and Vegas Classic winner. This family has produced many Ace Pigeons in a tough Calgary club for Bob Durha. His second family is Thie Bours Van Loons that produced such great birds as the Super 015 breeder of over 50 1st place winners and Blue Magic that has 5 1st and 2 2nds and many more prizes. Since I acquired these birds I have won many YB average, ACE YB. I have won just over 1/3 of the old bird races with 2 ace old hens and ace bird of the club. I have had very positive results from other people that have acquired my birds. I take great pride in the successes of other with my birds. 3 years ago because of politics I quit racing. Shortly after this I had a small stroke and a severe bout of depression and now I have been diagnosed with some other issues. So it is very hard to take care of the birds. I have had many run ins with the city by-law enforcers and do not need the added stress of fighting with the city any more. So I have decided to pass my birds on to those that can use them and succeed with them. Thank you Scott D. Maddocks MADMAN PIGEONS





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