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.Lot 1B. WPG 7875-17 R C


VanWalleghem Devriendt cock off of our current winning Devriendts. Several Ace Long Distance and 400 mile winners in his blood line. This combines both pre-potent bloodlines. A brother and sister on our 2013 young bird team finished with 5 and 6 prizes respectively. 7463’s daughters have bred winners in the USA (California and Detroit) brother WPG 13720-13 had 5 prizes in 6 races including 3rd at 300 and 6th at 300. He was hurt the next race and was done for the year. He still managed to earn enough points to finish 3rd Ace Yearling and 8th Middle Distance after missing the final 2 races of the season. In 2014 this pair bred WPG 40735-14 which won 5 prizes in 8 races including 11th at 100, 11th at 125, 4th at 200 and 8th in a very tough 1000ypm at 250. The next round resulted in WPG 40795-14 who won 6 prizes in 7 straight races (was out by 1 second in the first race from 60 miles) we stopped him for the following year. ** WIN 8250-72 was a 1st Long Distance Ace and a real crack. He is off the foundation pair J and K J. 416-64 Blue Check Cock — Bred for stock never flown. Sire of 416 was 2119-61 Blue Check one of my top flyers and breeders, his sire was NAPOLEON Belge 3321550-53 Blue Bar De Vriendt a son of the good Van De Velde Hen of 1945 who was also mother of Pauw (1st National Pauw) and Vale Witoog (MEALY WHITE LYE) two ace pigeons. Sire of Napoleon was Primus. Dam of 2110 was 911-59 Check White Flight off the famous breeding pair BONTE B-3456430-54 and CENDRE B-3456403-54. BONTE was off the famous ZWARTEBAND B-3409026-47, CENDRE was off SNOEPER 1/2 brother of ZWARTEBAND thus 416 is off 2119 mated to his grandmother BONTE Dam of 416 was the famous breeding hen BONTE B-3456430-54 her sire ZWARTEBAND B-3409026-47 was probably the best bird Oscar De Vriendt ever flew among numerous big prizes he won 2 National Races in one year. in one race he was the only day bird, and in the other one he was 22 minutes ahead of the next bird. The Dame of BONTE was a daughter of the Karel of 48 another top pigeon. K. 1985-65 Blue Check Hen bred for stock never flown. Sire of 1985 PRINS B-3016340-63 Blue Bar. Sire of PRINS was a son of the 22 thus a full brother of the two check cocks who were 2 of the four birds that won for Omer Van Kiersblick in 1963 the award Top Colony of Belgium 1963. This award is for the most points in four designated races with 2 pick birds. Dam of PRINS was the full sister of the RADIO ace yearling in all of Belgium 1962 and one of the four who won the award of best colony of Belgium 1963. PRINS was a late bred and intended to go into Omer’s stock loft. Dam of 1985 was 1033—60 Blue Check Hen off the famous breeding pair BONTE and CENDRE. Sire of 1038-60 the CENDRE B-3456403-54 was a 1/2 brother to the famous ZWARTEBAND his sire SNOEPER B-3366693-57 and his dam was the Splash Check Hen of 1942. DeVriendt had sent Dikken sire of ZWARTEBAND to Africa so mated the hen of 42 to his brother SNOEPER. Dam of 1038-60 was BONTE B-3456430-54 daughter of ZWARTEBAND and Check Hen of Karel of 48.


WPG 7463-04 Mealy Cock Son of 1st Ace Long Distance WIN 20309-92 and the pre-potent WIN 8508-95. We have several sons and daughters off of this pair in our breeding loft as both 20309 and 8508 were pre-potent breeders. 8508 is the grandmother of the loft and a grand daughter of 1st Ace Long Distance WIN 8250-72** who was a phenomenal racer and breeder. 20309 was a 1st Ace Long Distance as was his nest mate 20308, his ½ brother 11826 and his father 6415 who was a 2 time 1st Long Distance Ace. 7463 carries all the foundation breeders in his pedigree, he along with his sisters, 5767, 6412 and 5779 have all bred Ace pigeons.


WPG 2093-12 Black Hen. Daughter of our top pair of Devriendts. Brother to 6010, who was 1st 400, 1629 who was 2 x 3rd 400 in 2012 and 1st Ace Long Distance, 2nd Ace Yearling, 3rd Ace Middle Distance, 4th Ace Overall, 9th Ace Short Distance, and race winner who averaged 6+ przs a season, 1630 who was just as good as his nest mate 1629 winning who as a 2yr old won 7 prizes in 7 races including, 2nd =1st 125, 1st 200, 6th 400 (12 hrs on the wing), 12th 400, 3rd Ace Long, 5th Ace Overall. We have several of her brothers and sisters in the stock loft off this pair as there are several winners at 400 + miles and Ace Birds as well as several lofts in Canada and the US have reported back that they are breeding long distance winners. The parents of 2093 is WPG 9374-00 a SUPER breeder and 5385 also a SUPER breeder.

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