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Seaman’s Family Loft

2018 was again a rewarding season for our breeding program with many top positions won across the country at club, combine and one loft racing.
None of which would be possible without the fanciers that have had the confidence to invest in our pigeons…….a few 2018 highlights that can be traced back to our small breeding program.
•71st at the final in South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon Race
•2nd Average Speed Canadian pigeon @ South Africa MDP Race
•1st & 2nd Dutch Touch Marathon Race
•1st Master Breeder Award Empire Classic
•4th Empire 340 mile only 10 day birds
•2nd Empire 380 mile Marathon Race

Plus many more top positions across the country…..

Not all our pigeons will go on to become great breeders, but we do our best to breed a pigeon that will please the most critical of fanciers and breed reliable pigeons that can compete against the top players, anywhere they go.

Our pigeons have proven to be a proponent cross for almost everything they have been bred with….this is such a rare quality to find and we are focused at breeding a pigeon that can deliver this expectation. We take great pride in being a source of successful pigeons, determined to breed a superior bird with every new generation.

We have chased pedigrees from around the world to settle with what we feel is the most successful at breeding a high percentage of special pigeons…….consistent, natural health, fast maturing, dependable and they pass it on in every new generation.

Through dedication, hard work and investing for the future, SFL has our supporter’s best interests at heart…..we have your back and if you’re not achieving the results you’re after with our pigeons, we want to hear about it.

All of our pigeons purchased direct come with our commitment to satisfaction….if you’re not satisfied with the results your achieving with the offspring from one of our direct prospect breeders let’s talk and get you one that will live up to your expectations.

Thank you from the whole family at SFL for your continued support and we wish you all much success at the races.





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