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See web site: www.empirefarm.ca for more details

SPECIAL NEWS FLASH ! Steven Cappellini’s outstanding bird AU 16 FR 0101 wins 1ST NEW ENGLAND OPEN 500 mile and 2 weeks later wins 1ST NEW ENGLAND OPEN 600 mile, he also wins 1ST AU NATIONAL MARATHON CHAMPION BIRD. The mother of this outstanding bird is CU 13 EMPIRE 3247 BRED by JIM MCINNES. This bird, CU 13 EMPIRE 3247 also bred another 1ST NEW ENGLAND OPEN WINNER. Three 1ST NEW ENGLAND OPEN WINNERS directly off our Empire hen. CU 13 EMPIRE 3247 is a g.daughter of POWERBOY (2223417) and 1616 (daughter of PATTON 2555406 and JUDY 1123211). Check out lots 10C & 12C in our current auction for similar bloodlines.

After 56 years of very successful racing we are now retired from racing. We still send out a few birds each year to One Loft Races however we no longer have the need to keep as many breeders as we presently house. We are now offering a large number of our outstanding breeding team, we hope to get down to a small number of breeding pairs. We have three main breeding lines. Roger Vereeke (Belgium) long distance family, Theo Rutten Janssen (all directly from Janssen Bros pigeons) and Old Line Janssens obtained directly from Bert Camphuis and Hans Eijerkamp.

We have achieved tremendous race results at the Combine level over the past 30 years, we never list Club results, only Combine prizes are listed in our pedigrees and advertising. The following is a list of top 5 positions in major Combine Awards over the past 30 years: 117 x 1ST Combine, 118 x 2ND Combine, 125 x 3RD Combine, 127 x 4TH Combine, 119 x 5TH Combine.
500 Mile Races: 14 X 1ST Combine, 4 X 2ND Combine, 3 x 3RD Combine, 4 x 4TH Combine, 4 X 5TH Combine.
600 Mile Races: 6 X 1ST Combine, 5 X 2ND Combine, 4 X 3RD Combine, 6 X 4TH Combine, 8 X 5TH Combine.
49 x 1ST Combine Old Bird Champion Loft or Old Bird Average Speed.
36 X 1ST Combine Young Bird Champion Loft or Young Bird Average Speed.





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