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Hello everyone.

Well my absence from the pigeon sport did not last long. Guess its in your blood and there is no ridding ones self of racing pigeons. I am very lucky to have good friends in the sport. Many came forward and replenished my stock loft with most of my winning bloodlines from Ontario. As well I have purchased my own birds back and added some new bloodlines to work with out here in Nova Scotia. My friend Nick Fan of Fanway Family Lofts is new to the sport and had his first year of racing in ybs 2018.He is a quick study and gave a fine performance in his first year racing. We will all hear more from this Youngman in the years to come. He is very keen and loves to race.

We are offering you a joint auction together, with a mix of each others birds up for auction. The pedigrees will speak for themselves. Nicks birds are a mix of birds he acquired from myself and very good birds he has purchased on his own accord. We race in the Central Nova RPC. Here in Nova Scotia Canada, it is not an easy coarse with prevailing headwinds most of the time. As well our birds must cross 50-65 miles of open water to cross the Bay of Fundy to clock at our individual lofts, which they did to my surprise. The birds must be of top quality and have very good orientation to complete our 8 point race schedule.

Also well we partnered in One Loft racing this year under the name of Fanway Loft. We had very good success for our first year at OLR. One of our birds was 1st Average speed at the Dutch Touch OLR and scored well in the races, Also another one of our birds scored 1st Average speed at the Toronto Tri Fecta OLR. Over 5 races as well. Not to forget a very rewarding season at the Empire Classic OLR as well. Several of our birds clocked high on the sheets and received diplomas for their great performance’s. I will not bore you with repeating all the great positions Fanway Loft secured in OLR racing. Feel free to look up our results on the internet. I might add we received all our entry fees plus more in return due to the performances of our birds at OLR. In all humbleness and honesty we did not score at the Hoosier OLR this year, although they were steady clockers in the priliminary tosses and races. but you can't win it all. We are keeping our fingers crossed for our entry’s at Victoria Falls next July as most who enter do.

I have included our club results in this report for your perusal as well.

The birds we are jointly offering you are bred the same way as all the ones we raced to achieve many top positions in Club and OLR racing. We are including some of our breeders as we are making room for 2018 ybs that have raced well for the stock loft. Can't keep them all as they say. Feel confident the older birds we are offering are of fine quality and that they are not our culls. Any of the bids we purchased last year that did not make the cut are not in this auction. You will notice that we had to photo copy some of the pedigrees as Nick does not have a working pedigree program up and running yet.

We are happy to announce, that Southshore Loft (Dave Ottaway) won 3rd CRPU Short Young Bird Champion Loft (1.410) and 3rd CRPU Overall Young Bird Champion Loft (2.090) as well as 3rd CRPU Short Young Bird Ace Pigeon with 18-CU-NOVA-18146 and 2nd CRPU Overall Young Bird Ace Pigeon with 18-CU-NOVA-18102. Fanway Loft (Nick Fan) won 3rd CRPU Overall Young Bird Ace Pigeon with 18-CU -CRPU-7207.

Nick and I wish you success with these birds as we have had, . Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Yours In Sport,
Dave Ottaway(South Shore Loft) and Nick Fan.(Fanway Family Lofts)





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