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Lot 21. WPG 9194-19 BB H


New pairing for 2019. Family of pure old line Gaby Vandenabeeles that carry the lines of the original stars. They have been brought in to integrate into our original inbred old line Gaby’s.


NL 1989922-05 BB
A super handling cock bred by Anton Rutenberg off two direct Gaby pigeons. His sire is a son of 1st National Limoges DE LIMOGES, 1st National Limoges when mated to ANNEKE a daughter of PICANOL and his dam is a daughter of WITTENBUIK when mated to ZUS PRINJSE a daughter of PICANOL. Gaby’s best old line originals.


CU 14-CHMI-271 BB
Purchased for $1400 in Chris Mitsiou’s disposal auction. Chris flew her in the 2014 Oshawa Gold Bond race 770 birds, winning 5th. Was also 20th club from North Bay, 23rd Burks Falls, 20th Englehart.
Both of her parents were super breeders and Pure Gaby Vandenabeeles, Sire NL-13-1785620 From super producer RUDY. Sire of 2014 Oshawa Bold Bond 5th vs 770 birds from 540 km, also bred 69th GHC Classic from 350 miles against 2620 birds. Dam AU-11-GHC-18789 Imported in 2012 by Chris Mitsiou, in one season of breeding her children made a huge impact. She is a daughter Bliksem’s full sister when mated to a daughter of Bliksem. She bred the 2014 Oshawa Bold Bond 5th vs 770 birds from 540 km, also bred 69th GHC Classic from 350 miles against 2620 birds. Bought in to incorporate into our inbred family of Gaby’s.

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2019-11-13 09:04:30
$125.00 CAD
2019-11-17 12:24:09
$150.00 CAD
2019-11-17 12:25:40
$175.00 CAD
2019-11-17 07:49:31
$200.00 CAD
2019-11-17 07:49:31
$250.00 CAD
2019-11-17 07:49:31
$400.00 CAD

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Country: CANADA


Starting Bid: $125.00

Bid Increment: $25.00 CAD

Last Bidder: CamilleMenier

Last Bid: $400.00CAD

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Number of Bids: 6