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Bernie Bedard

When a person has his first bit of success, everyone considers him lucky. When it happens more than once, he has horse shoes hidden in in certain parts of his body. Maybe so, but I think there’s a lot more than luck involved. Number one, nice guys finish first and number two, those that share always get back. A nicer man than Bernie and his family, you have never met. At the drop of a hat, they’re all there to give you a hand. Need to borrow a bird or an extra pair of youngsters, Bernie will help. But, luck played it’s part.

Lucky for him he listened when I suggested a pair of birds that would help him. Lucky for me, they worked and lucky for both of us, we found a few more to blend in. But there is where the luck stops and intelligent breeding and terrific care for his birds helped Bernie create a family of birds that have the will and the ability to succeed.

Congratulations Bernie and good luck in the future. Your friend, Rick





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