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Stonehedge Loft - Rick Broere Reduction Sale

I find, as I age, that the amount of effort it takes to multitask is beyond my limited capacities. In other words, I suck at doing two things at the same time. I have tried running a one loft race and participating in our combine and have have found that if I do the one right, the other suffers. The one loft comes first.

I will try again this year but on a different level. I will only keep a handful of birds and only race a small number. One basket is all I want to catch, no more. I will breed a small number for the one loft races I enter and some to give to my friends who always end up making me a proud father. We are moving down the road and our new loft will be built with limited boxes and perches.

The following birds are all in excellent shape and are of the best quality I could find.





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