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Ashley Berwick

Since 1963, I have sincerely enjoyed the sport of pigeon racing! I began flying with the then popular strains of Sions and Stassarts. These pigeons flew very well for me!

In 1986, a family of Stichelbaut-Smeulders was bred at my loft and some are still with me to this day. These birds continue to win many club and combine races.

In 2014 I obtained some David Clausing Houbens, through Rick Broere, which were bred by Mike Bator of Buffalo New York. These birds were straight and crossed. They also had a few “Choco Family” bloodlines mixed in. These Houbens have since dominated my original families most of the time. They tend to be smaller physically but are easier to condition, fly freely around the loft and perform excellently! This year I have raised some late bred Houbens to sell, as I believe that other flyers will be very impressed with their performance as well!





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