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From the Loft of V and V,

A small selection of young birds off the Retired Aces and Key Breeders. These youngsters have a background that descends from race proven birds that carry the winning genes close up and on both sides of the pedigree. Nothing in this game is for certain but breeding from race selected birds that are in turn bred from Aces does ensure that your chances are greatly increased to breed the next generation of Aces.

If you follow the sire lines of most the birds listed here you will notice that the majority are Aces and Race Winners themselves or bred directly down from Aces that in turn, once stocked have been able to carry on the lines by breeding Aces and Breeders. WPG 6415-86 was a classic Ace winning 1st Ace Long Distance twice in addition to several top prizes and a tough 500. When stocked he went on to breed 3 separate Aces himself that formed the cornerstone of the next generation both on the race course and in the stock loft including WPG 11826-01 that was also a 1st Long Distance Ace that carried on the bloodlines again with his sons winning most the races from 300-400 miles over the past several years including WPG 40760-14 who in just a couple of years has bred 2 fantastic racers and Ace Birds in WPG 6099-16, WPG 6100-16 and 2017’s 4th Place Empire Classic who incidentally in turn when brought back home bred 2018’s WPG 18048-18 that was 25th in the tough 340 mile Main Race finishing in the money and was also was 14th in the 380 mile race, also in the money.

The same scenario plays out in the bloodlines of the Devriendts down from the WPG 9374-00 and CU 33457-06 bloodlines and the Imbrechts that are interspersed throughout the family. A family down from Aces generation after generation greatly increases your chances. Once you have the Ace flyer he is most likely able to carry on in the stock loft and pass his genes forward.





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